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We are the largest supplier of recycled Mitsubishi Mighty MAX engine and frame components. Our catalog includes Mitsubishi Mitsubishi radiator, condenser, steering wheel, power steering pump, turbo unit, drive shaft, flywheel, front/rear axle assembly, window regulator and more. We offer up to three years warranty and 30-day low price guarantee on all Mitsubishi Mighty MAX used parts. Our salvage yards offer only quality Mitsubishi Mighty MAX parts that are tested for safety and performance. Note we buy the wrecked Mitsubishi Mighty MAX vehicles directly from the insurance companies and dismantle the engine and mechanical parts from the wrecked car or truck as soon as they arrived our yards (we don't let the parts to get rusted). We then rinse, bubble wrap and store the dismantled parts in indoor warehouses ensuring the longevity of the parts and its performance. For more information, please contact us or continue searching our Mitsubishi Mighty MAX catalog.

Most Popular Mitsubishi Mighty MAX Mechanical Parts
1993 Mitsubishi Mighty MAX 

Flywheel (Not Actual Photo)
Stock Number:UCB132408187I
Fits:1993 Mitsubishi Mighty MAX
Manual Transmission; 2.4L
4 cyl
Condition:Very Good
Quality:Premium Quality
Sales Price:$86.00
Salvage Yard:Atlanta, Georgia 30234
1987 Mitsubishi Mighty MAX 
Front Window Regulator, Passenger Side

Front Window Regulator (Not Actual Photo)
Stock Number:UCG63831530I
Fits:1987 Mitsubishi Mighty MAX
Description:Front Window Regulator, Passenger Side
Quality:Good Quality
Sales Price:$70.00
Salvage Yard:Las Vegas, Nevada 89030
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