Used Car Parts Exchange

Used Car Parts Exchange

Save Money

With the ever-changing climate of American business, our service comes along when you need it the most. Used Car Parts Exchange is more than a single store supplying consumers with their used OEM auto parts; we're an entire network of over 200 of the nation's most reputable salvage yards.

The term "salvage" can be a bit off-putting, granted, but the way we do business is the pudding's proverbial proof. Our salvage yards purchase cars and trucks directly from insurance companies, after which, a staff of highly trained professionals pull only the most pristine, perfectly working parts from the automobiles. The parts are then re-inspected to ensure the upmost quality, properly wrapped and ultimately stored safely in our warehouses.

When you purchase a part from us, you're purchasing the highest quality OEM used parts that you can possibly receive. The parts run as well as the day they were manufactured.

The Industry's Standard

Best Warranty

We know all too well about the financial struggles that most hard-working Americans are going through these days. Unfortunately, this country's seen more than its fair share of downtime. But there is a silver lining.

Everyone needs their vehicles to be in working condition. Whether your car or truck is essential for work purposes, shopping, school, etc, it's important that your automobile run well... not to mention for your own safety. By purchasing used parts from us, you're putting yourself in a win-win situation. Not only do you get the highest possible quality that will last in your vehicle for years to come, but you're saving a bundle of money.

Used Car Parts Exchange's approach is often imitated by lesser services. And although no supplier has even a fraction of the networking capabilities that we possess, we have become the industry's standard for quality control and pricing features.

Anything You Want ... We Got It

At Used Car Parts Exchange, we take tremendous pride in not only offering affordable quality, but offering you - the consumer - the widest selection of used OEM parts in the entire industry. Whether you're in the market for a simple set of tires or need an entire engine and transmission assembly, we have the parts you need stockpiled and ready to be shipped out to you at a moment's notice.

No part, no matter how rare, can hide from our salvage yards. From everyday autos like Chevy and Pontiac to pricy and sporty cars like Ferrari and Lamborghini, we carry parts for them all.

The Parts we Sell

Looking For The Auto Parts?

We specialize in finding and selling late model used OEM parts for any and every make of automobile under the sun. If you're driving in something relatively new - 1990 and newer - we have exactly what you need.

Steering wheels, engines, quarter panels, head and taillights, sunroofs, hoods, grills, radiators, alternators, fuel pumps, rims, axles, gas tanks, seats, and every other part you could possibly need for your automobile can be found by browsing our extensive catalogs.

These parts for newer model vehicles can be very pricy depending on where you shop. Even at similar locations that offer used parts, the prices can run high. But we're stomping on the notion of overcharging. You're guaranteed to save when you purchase your parts with Used Car Parts Exchange.

But what if you're driving an older car and need used parts; will you still be able to take advantage of our quality and price savings?

Although we do not sell early model ('90 and older) used parts, we still have a great part locating service that will connect you to a similar network that is just as thorough and as quality driven as our network.

The Guarantees That Send the Competition Packing

Used Car Parts Exchange has a few guarantees in place to show our commitment to our customers. For starters, you have the guarantee of quality. When you shop your used OEM auto parts with us, you'll receive up to a three-year warranty. This is something above and beyond what any other service in the industry is offering.

You'll always save on price, too. We're not talking about a few dollars here. With us, you'll pay the lowest market price for any and every part. Our 30-day low price guarantee protects you from overpaying by offering you an ironclad layer of protection. If you find a part that has a lower price tag and also carries our same quality and warranty features, we'll match the difference.

With the highest quality, lowest prices and widest selection, is there any doubt that Used Car Parts Exchange is the right place to shop?

You'll never have to look elsewhere for your auto part needs. Now that you're here, you're part of the nation's largest network of affordable OEM used parts. Grab yours today and see firsthand the difference quality makes.